• 1. How can I order the floral arrangement chosen?

    It’s really easy, you only need to:
    - Click on the shopping cart that you find on the picture of the gift chosen, at the bottom right.
    - It will open a larger picture of the product chosen with its description and the three price options. 
    - Choose the amount you are willing to pay to click on BUY.
    - At this point you have to fill out the order form, which must contain your details, such as the recipient of flowers, including a telephone number, and the message, optional, that you intend to convey.
    - By clicking on confirmation a page of payment will open, where you can choose how you want to pay. In any event our staff is always available to give you same help in all the process of the order or just to remove all douts about it.

  • 2. Will I receive the confirmation when you get the order? How can I be sure?

    As soon as you fill up the order and send it to us, we will send you a confirmation that the order is been successful, the summary of your order in all its parts and a code assigned by the system. For any information regarding your order, you can call our office quoting the code which you have been assigned.

  • 3. How can I make the payment?

    You can use any credit cards that you own or in alternative you can pay by bank transfer, postal order; in those last cases the order will be processed only  upon receipt of payment by fax or email.

  • 4. Will my credit card details remain confidential?

    You can be absolutely sure that your information will remain confidential, as they do not will reach our company but will be processed exclusively by the bank.

  • 5. Can I change my details if when I go over the summary of my order, I realize that I have entered the wrong data?

    If you have to change the delivery details, you should call us immediately. The order could always be changed unless it has already been dispatched by the local florist. 

  • 6. How can I give special instruction?

    The order form contains all the areas needed for the right compilation. However, if you have some special requests, is always better to check by telephone if they are executable.

  • 7. Can I cancel an order?

    The order may be cancelled by phone, providing the code, as long as has not already been forwarded to the florist. If this is not happened yet, you can cancel the order without a refund of the amount spent. In fact will be given a voucher for the same amount that can be used for other delivery to another address within 6 months.

  • 8. Is the flower arrangement identical to the one shown in the picture?

    It’s important to consider that every flower arrangement is not a standard pre-packaged and held in stock product; the flowers in fact are a product of the season so it can happen that a certain type is not available from your local florist shop. Therefore, we and our partners will make sure to stick as closely as possible the requests of our customers; the flower arrangement may slightly be different from the photo chosen. However, we always guarantee the creation of products by qualified pe

  • 9. The gift reproduced in the photo along with flowers, arrived at the same time?

    Not really, because the flowers are delivered by a local florist, and the gift will be sent by courier. Also flowers and gift can also be delivered to different addresses. However, upon advance request, we will try to make flowers and gifts come together.

  • 10. Can I choose a delivery time?

    Our florists carry out deliveries during their opening hours, which obviously vary from city to city. If you have the need to send flowers to a certain time, make sure you state it in the order form. Our florist will do everything to meet the delivery time requested but we can not guarantee it in advance. If the delivery time is really imperative, you should check it by phone before placing your order.

  • 11. Can I track my order to know if it’s been delivered?

    You can monitor at any time the progress of your order through our online tracking system. If any reason will make the delivery difficult or impossible, you will be promptly contacted by our staff. If you are certain that the floral arrangement was not delivered please contact us immediately. We will take immediate action to see if there was some problem.

  • 12. Can you deliver in Hotel, resorts and other tourist facilities?

    Yes, as long as you will provide us with the right name and address of the hotel, phone number, room number and the correct name of the recipient of the flowers as registered. Please considering that in most cases, the florist will leave the flowers at the reception who will contact his host to deliver the flowers.

  • 13. Can I get a personalized quote?

    Certainly, you will just need to contact our office by phone or preferably by email with all the details of the type of product you would like to send, city and date of delivery. Our staff will immediately provide you with the best service at the most competitive price according with the details you requested.

  • 14. Can you deliver in Hospitals?

    Yes, as long as you will provide us with full name and address of the hospital, phone number and name of the recipient. In some hospitals are not permitted to personally deliver flowers to patients, in these cases, the flowers will be delivered to the department manager who will be responsible to give them to the recipient.  In case of deliveries to be made to new mums is important to indicate the woman's maiden surname.

  • 15. How many days can I assume that my fresh flowers will last? How do I take care as best as possible?

    To keep your flowers fresh longer, change the water every day. If possible, cut the stems of the flowers under the running water. The addition of a specific product preserves the freshness and prolongs the life of your flowers. Keep the flowers at room temperature, avoiding the exposure to direct sunlight.

  • 16. Privacy?

    FloraExpress is fully committed to guarantee the confidentiality of your personal informations. Below, you will find all the details on how we collect and diffuse the information for our website. We are using the IP addresses of our visitors to discover any problems with our website and to administer our website. Our website requires the so-called "cookies" in order to know the current contents of your shopping cart. The cookie itself does not contain any personal informations but only an identification code which could help you to find out your data once entering the following step of the order. All the other informations regarding your cookie will be cancelled within 24 hours from your transaction on our server. In no case the personal informations of our customers will be spread to third parts.
    Ordering products or other services from our website happens thanks to a ordering form. The inserted informations are needed for the merchandise delivery and the customer order confirmation. The personal data would be also used, where needed, to contact the customer. Users could ask to be cancelled by our mailing list. Besides it is possible to send flowers preserving the customer anonymity, only by missing the message signature. We will never communicate your name to the flowers recipient.




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