How does it work?

To buy and to send fresh flowers and cakes in Italy and all around the world with FloraExpress is really easy.

FloraExpress always delivers fresh flowers hand-arranged few minutes before being delivered by our local florists from the area of destination. FloraExpress currently has more than 2,000 affiliates worldwide that allow us to cover on a widespread both Italy and worldwide.

FloraExpress never delivers flowers in box.

It is possible to send flowers, roses, plants, cakes, pies, wines, fruitbaskets, to home addresses, hotel, hospital, railway, airport in Italy and worldwide.

With the Exclusive service of  “Traking on line”, with the “order code” you can follow in real time the state of your order from the payment till the delivery.


track order flower

For any problem our call center is always available on chat with “chat live”, and on telephone from 9am to 1pm and from 3pm to 7pm

In 3 simple steps you can complete your order and send your flowers to Italy and all around the world to any locations, you can pay for your order directly by credit card or other payment methods on circuits and secure encrypted server.

FloraExpress respects the privacy, a fundamental principle of company policy and philosophy, you can send flowers, or anything else anonymously, simply by not signing the card of the message, FloraExpress will never disclose the sender for no reason.

Also with FloraExpress you can enjoy additional services that only our network can offer you.

Such as? 

- Urgent Deliveries within few hours accross Italy.
- Send gift and fresh gift like cupcakes, birthday cakes, fruit baskets, bascket with local products and wine, all matched with flowers.
- Take advantage of the section Flowers with Gift where flowers are matched with beautiful gifts and the gift is included in the price.
- With the service Maxi surprise you could send cakes along with fresh flowers.

The world of FloraExpress offers unique services, and remember  communicate your feelings  with flowers is worth more than a 1000 Words.

How to buy? 

Order process
Choose the product from the Homepage or from the main categories

Select flower to buy

By clicking on the selected product, go to “step 1” where you can view details of the product and proceed with your order.

In this step you will be required to enter the delivery date, time, morning, afternoon or during the all day (for delivery at a precise time please contact the call center)

On the text area you will find 3 prices, those three refer at the type of packaging and not at the product that remains the same.

acquisto fiori step2

Once you have filled all the fields click enter and go to “step 2 “

In “step 2” you will have the opportunity to enter a message which will be written down and delivered with the flowers. You can choose between the existing phrases or write a personal message.

You can choose to sign the message, if there is no signature the flowers will be delivered anonymously and  FloraExpress will never declare for any reason the identity of the sender.

In addition if you want to enrich your though, you can choose from supplement gifts available, they will be delivered along with the flowers.


acquisto fiori online


Click on continue to go to the Step3 and complete your order

In “step 3” you will be asked the details of the recipient and of the sender, and the method of payment.

Please be careful to correctly insert the recipient's details and phone numbers, really important for a smooth delivery. 

Credit card payments are made on secure servers like iwsmile or paypal, and the payment is immediate.

end buy flower

Once placed the order you will receive a confirmation message with a code number. This code could be used to check your order status until, it will be delivered, by our tracking online system. Besides some automatic messages will send to your e-mail address to update you about the status of the delivery.




Helpline : time
06 929 388 51 From monday to saturday
From 09:00 to 13:00
From 15:00 to 19:00