Why FloraExpress


It just would be enough to say because we are among the best in terms of service, price and quality in Italy and around the world, but the facts worth more than 1000 words!



Our customers in Italy and around the world have chosen us and especially continue to choose us for six important reasons.


1 - Because we know that with your gesture you want to communicate emotions, our biggest thrill is to deliver your emotion

2 - Because our goal is to ensure timely delivery and impeccable quality.

3 - Because in the world we are supported by our local partners that processing all the orders directly, arranging the flower just before the delivery.

4 - Because the 2160 Affiliates and the 203 FloraExpress Stores are located all over the world and in every country.

5 - Because in 10 years you had choosen us  to send more than 500.000 floral homages worldwide. 

6 - Because our services are unique, Flowers and Gifts, Flowers and Cakes and the City Special Delivery at night, and everywhere in few hours .





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06 929 388 51 From monday to saturday
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