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Our target is your complete satisfaction. We understand what it means to send flowers to a loved one, relatives, friends and people dear to us, that live near or far away, and we know how important is to be on time with the delivery of fresh and quality flowers along with being professional and friendly.  FloraExpress can give all of this with all its points of sale all around the world.

Therefore if for any reason the recipient of the flowers should not be satisfied of the floral homage received, we invite you to get in touch with our office and inform us, so that we can always offer a fast and efficient service.

To be able to give you the best service you should take in consideration some basic conditions: 


A) Correct Address
It’s important to provide us with all the right information about the place of the delivery and especially an active phone number, in the absence of which FloraExpress does not assume any liability for missing or late delivery.

B)  Product and Images

IMPORTANT: The composition in the photo represents the average composition (DELUXE)

Product images are indicative and are always the average size of the floral homage. The vases and any other item are not included unless it is expressly stated. The photos are a generic representation of the product, which, being crafted by different florists, with taste, style and personal experience, can vary from place to place. Each flower arrangement is so unique and handmade, so there will be no two ever the same. But our greatest commitment is to ensure that the gift order is to approach as closely as possible to the picture and description. The roses will never be replaced with other flowers or floral products without asking your prior confirmation. In some cases, the local florist may not have the ordered items in the shop so there will be an accurate substitute with an item of equal or greater value compared to what you ordered. Our policy is always aimed to satisfy the customer and to maintain the value of the product chosen.

C)  Flowers: Exception of the product chosen.
Considering the nature of the product as Fresh Flowers, sometime can happen that in partial or total way the type of product chosen may not be available at the time of delivery. In this case it will be delivered a floral arrangement of the same amount, trying to keep as much as possible the same colours and the choosen combination of the occasion for the delivery of flower itself (ex. A funeral bouquet will be never sent as replacement of a festive event like a birthday or a wedding). 

The customer accepts those conditions, in alternative should ask and make sure in advance if the product chosen is available in that location, if this doesn’t happen it will be valid what is written on “exception of deliveries”,  and it could not be made any request for partial or full refund.

D)  Delivery of Cakes, Sweets and Fresh Products: Conditions and Exceptions.
All the cakes, the sweets and any fresh gifts selected are made before the delivery from our affiliated pastry chefs. 
In some and rare cases, considering the nature and peculiarity of our service and our "fresh products" it is possible that at the time of the delivery for any reason, the cake, desserts and fresh product selected is not available in exactly the same taste (ex. Chocolate, Nutella, Cream). In this case FloraExpress will change without giving any notice the product with another of the same amount currently available from the same category (ex, a cake is never varied with assorted sweets).

The customer accept those conditions, in alternative should ask and make sure in advance if the product chosen is available in that location, if this doesn’t happen it will be valid what is written on “exception of deliveries”,  and it could not be made any request for partial or full refund.

FloraExpress delivers cakes, sweets and any fresh product gift, even on the same day. However it is preferable that the orders for those products arrive few days in advance, so we can better satisfy your request.

E)  Time of delivery
FloraExpress guarantees same day delivery, if the order is received within the maximum time stipulated. Over the time limit FloraExpress could also deliver within 2 hours, in this case, you should choose the option "urgent delivery". The delivery on Sunday is possible if the order is received the Saturday, but in many cases if you choose the option "Urgent Delivery" or "Sunday and Public Holiday Delivery" we could deliver in the same day. In any case we will do anything we can to satisfy the request even when we couldn’t do it.

F)  Delivery outside Italy
All the orders that suppose to be delivered outside Italy, should reach FloraExpress at least 24 hours in advance, sometime even 48 hours depending on the selected country. We recommend you to contact us for more informations.

G)  Special Occasion and Public Holidays 
In general, in the offing of festive days is always better to place the order with 2 -3 days in advance. In any case we will accept your orders till we will be able to dispatch them properly.  However in case of special occasion we can not be guaranteed timely delivery for orders received the very last minute; in that case the delivery will be dispatched as soon as possible. In the most important public holidays, the flower orders are processed at any time, so the deliveries will be made throughout the day. It’s our interest anyway to try as much as possible, to meet your requirements:

In particular, for the following dates:

Valentine’s Day: In general it’s preferable to place the order a few days in advance, because due the high volume of orders, the last minute orders could not be despatched for that day. It could happen that last minute orders will be despatched the day after or even 2 days after Valentine’s Day.  

Note (specifically): On 14th of February Valentine’s Day, the conditions can vary on real time depending  on delivery traffic , so will prevail the Instant Messages that are displayed on STEP1 at the time of purchase, which will inform the customer of any failure,  who can consciously decide whether or not to conclude the purchase.

Woman's Day: It’s preferable to place the order a few days in advance, because due to the high volume of orders, the last minute orders could not be despatched for that day. It could happen that last minute orders will be despatched the next working day after 08/03.

Mother’s day: It’s preferable to place the order a few days in advance; because the mother’s day is always on Sunday, so in some particular cases the flowers can be delivered on Saturday evening. 

For last minute order is available the option "urgent delivery" even on the same Sunday.

Christmas and New Year: in general all the delivery are made 1-2 ahead of the 25th December and New Year Day. For the last minute orders the delivery will be made on the next working day of 25th December and of 01st January. 

Public Holidays: If the delivery date coincides with a public holiday in the country of destination, and our local florist is closed, the floral homage will be sent automatically on the first available date, even if FloraExpress will do

In cases that you need to send flowers respecting strictly a time, please try to contact our staff first to make sure that your request is possible. All our efforts are designed to meet your request. everything to meet the delivery date requested even by contacting florist from another city.

I)  Deliveries to Hospitals, Hotels and Offices
So that deliveries to hospitals, hotels and office will be successful, it’s necessary to indicate the telephone number of the hospital, hotel or company as well as that of recipient. In the case of hospital is also essential the room number.

FloraExpress will send your floral gift according to the procedures and regulations of the destination facilities, so it can’t be held responsible if some of these procedures prevent the smooth completion of the delivery. In fact many hospitals do not allow the florists to personally deliver flowers in the patient’s rooms. 

FloraExpress will not give any refund if the delivery does not succeed  due to any regulations imposed by the destination facilitie.

L)  Cancellation and Variation of an Order
If you wish to cancel or change a "type of bouquet" of an order, the refund or the style change is authorized only if the request is made within 2 hours, however in some cases if the order has not already been handled, it’s possible according to FloraExpress discretion, cancel or change the order even after 2 hours.

M)  Double Orders
In case you accidentally make 2 identical orders, one of them can be fully refunded, upon your promptly request, only if it is not already been sent to the recipient. Otherwise it can’t be issue a refund and we will proceed to the delivery of two products. It can not be held responsible for double orders issued in error.

N)  Change order details
In general the order details can be changed by contacting our office within 2 hours of your order or anyway at sufficient time to make the changes possible. In case of misinformation, FloraExpress in not responsible for any problems occurring during the delivery. In any cases we will always try to help you in any possible ways; if the address is wrong we will try to contact you to have more informations, but we can not being responsible if it is not possible to reach you by phone. In any cases we will try to redeliver the same day and in some cases even the day after depending on availability, but this can depends of the new address given. However in same rare cases you must pay at least the cost of the new delivery, while in case the address was totally different from the previous, the order will be considered properly processed.

O) Request of supplement 
In very rare cases we may be obliged to contact you for money supplement in order to successfully deliver the flowers. On our website, in fact, there are standard prices calculated by the national average. However, rare circumstances may make it difficult to deliver in certain places or situations. May be necessary to ask you an integration of price: - if the delivery address of the order is a distant location and the florist requires extra delivery cost for long distance.  - whether particular items are out of stock and needed to be replaced with other significantly more expensive. - for special events or occasions when market prices have risen too much - if for other valid reason the delivery can not be made at the normal selling price In any case we will contact you promptly for your willingness to supplement. If you do not want to carry out the integration will proceed to a full refund order.

P) Wrong Credit Card Details 
If you provide us with inaccurate credit card details, we will immediately contact you to get the right data before proceeding with the order. In any case FloraExpress is not responsible for any problems that may arise as a result of inaccurate or incorrect data supplied by the customer.

Q)  Other cases in which FloraExpress is not responsible: For the bad preservation of flowers or plants delivered to an incorrect address supplied by the customer. - The deterioration of flowers and plants due to delivery delays for the false information supplied by the customer or if you require delivery to an address different from the one entered in the order. - Failure of the successful delivery when the recipient is not present at the address provided by the customer and he is unavailable. - If in case of wrong address or unavailability of the recipient, the sender does not provide us an alternate address promptly.

Flower delivery abroad, outside Europe: Regulation of deliveries.

Art 1 - For delivery abroad, our company relies on third agencies for the delivery to the recipient. Therefore, unlike the deliveries to Italy and Europe, often, due to the nature and according to the availability, the bouquet chosen can vary in both form and color from the one represented on the picture. The buyer is aware of this regulation. FloraExpress makes every effort to comply as much as possible the bouquet as shown in the picture.

Art 2 – The delivery time and date to foreign country (outside Europe) cannot be guaranteed due the distance and our collaboration with third agencies for the flowers delivery. It is generally respected the delivery date, but the order could be delivered by FloraExpress within 4 working days from the date of the order; this cannot authorized the customer to apply for a refund. The buyer is aware of this regulation and accepts the condition. FloraExpress will do everything to meet the time of delivery even abroad.  

Art 3 - All the additional gifts: chocolates, vases, plush and everything that is matched in the step 2 of the sales process are indicative for the deliveries abroad due to the nature and the diversity of existing and available products in each continent or country. FloraExpress will not change the type of product you choose, (a box of chocolates will be a box of chocolates), but the product as appears in the picture will not match in color, shape and brand to the one sent. The buyer is aware of this regulation.


In Italy dalle ore 9 alle ore 20

Urgent deliveries ensure the delivery from 1 to 2 hours after receiving the order. However this time is considered within the opening time of our shops; this may vary for each city. Typically the opening hours are from 9am to 1pm and from 4pm to 8pm

On Holiday days and the days before, we guarantee the urgent delivery from 1 to 3 hours.
On Sundays we cannot despatch urgent deliveries.
The user accepts these conditions for the urgent delivery service.

The mandatory delivery is available throughout the day from 10am to 7pm and if chosen the previous day, even before 5pm. If you select this option out of service hours, the delivery will be handled as an urgent order and will have priority over all others. 

The user accepts these conditions for the service of mandatory delivery.

U) Possible Complaints
complaints must be brought to the attention of FloraExpress quoting the order number, and sender informations, particularly by providing clear pictures that highlight what is not acceptable in the product delivered. In any event, all complaints must be received by FloraExpress within 48 hours after the delivery dat, this is due to the nature of the product, being fresh, it can be altered with passing of time. So all claims received after the above limits will be admitted with reservation.

V) FloraExpress is freed from any liability and / or damages from direct or indirect causes regarding  to the missing delivery of an order.
If your order is not delivered for any reason, FloraExpresssx will be subject exclusively to a full refund of the amount paid, or alternatively to return the order at the discretion of customers.

Z) Gifts and Conditions 
When you buy a bouquet matched with gifts (necklaces, watches, fashion accessories, etc.), it may happen in rare cases that the product is not available. In this case, the gift will be changed with another of the same brand or a greater value than the one chosen. The purchaser agrees at the time of this condition.

Z1) Regulatory Gifts with International delivery outside Italy.
The combined gifts and flowers for delivery outside Italy are outsourced to third party for the express mail delivery, so any delays in delivery is not attributable to FloraExpress. However, in rare cases it happens that gift can brings delivery delays. The buyer accepts these conditions and no claim can be advanced if the delay is due to courier third.

Z2) Regulatory Gifts with delivery to Italy.
The combined gifts and flowers for delivery to Italy are outsourced to third party for the express mail delivery to our local florists who provide at the delivery for the flowers with the chosen gift. Usually the gift will be delivered in 2 working days, in case should be any delays due to the courier or any weather conditions, FloraExpress  is not responsible, so the gift will be delivered separately. The buyer accepts these conditions and no claim can be advanced if the delay is due to courier third.





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